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PalletRacks.co thinks very highly of its pallet rack Row Spacers business.  Row Spacers are designed or used to link and provide constant spacing between pallet racks. The pallet racks are connected back to back to make easy. Pallet Rack spacers deliver stability for the whole pallet rack system. Row spacers are appropriately named that way because their principal function is to preserve a consistent horizontal distance or length between two rows of pallet racking. Row spacers exist in various sizes, shapes and colors, depending on the fabricator or manufacturer. At PalletRacks.co, we have in inventory galvanized-finish row spacers, but they may be in yellow, orange, green, and essentially any other color. The part in the middle of the row spacer that is flat is what is typically referred as its length. Numerous row spacers have protuberances that are attached to the sides of the upright frames. So, this section of the row spacer is not involved in the existing space between space in between rows.

Pallet rack row spacers on the market come in various shapes, colors, and sizes, all of them have or share a common reason for being. They maintain a certain quantity or amount of space between rows of pallet racking. But why is this important to begin with? Well, it turns out that there are a few explanations for row spacers to be important than many appreciate.

Why are Row Spacers needed?

Does a pallet rack require a pallet rack row spacer? The answer is “no,” for short. A definitive example of an application or claim that does not need row spacers is the one that only has single row of pallet rack. An application like this one may require or need wall ties or brackets, but definitely not row spacers because there is only one row of pallet rack. Small racking systems, which are anchored to the floor may also not call for or need row spacers, since there is none or less of a chance for the uprights to move. Although there are many jobs where row spacers would be unnecessary, there are also many warehouse or facility storage uses that will benefit tremendously from having them.

Pallet Rack Row Spacers clear longitudinal flue spaces

When owning or operating a warehouse, you may want to be code compliant or obedient. Being code compliant normally improve the general safety of the facility or workplace, and it is the best way to evade being hurt by a violation fine. Keeping or maintaining pallet rack rows to a minimum distance sets apart one row from another, row spacers remove the need to be concerned about longitudinal flue spaces.

Please install row spacers that are sufficiently lengthy; when the codes dictate 6” longitudinal flue spaces, a 6” row spacer will not meet the requirement. Remember that 3” of pallet projection or overhang on each side will completely eclipse the 6”, leaving the flue space at exactly 0”. So, 6” will not be enough.

We endorse two-row spacers per frame to maintain a pallet racking that exceeds six times the width or width measurement of the pallet rack; please, check rack fitting plans before placing the order. If you are not certain or sure when placing the order, please send us a duplicate of your permitted city plan, and our center or salesperson will deliver to you a complete tally and estimate. For example, upright frames up to 120″ in tallness, may require 2-spacers per frame, while upright frames ranging 144″ to 216″ in tallness may require 3-spacers per upright.