Warehouse Pallet Racks Netting

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PalletRacks.co thinks very highly of its pallet rack Netting business.  Pallet rack netting is a clever, cost-effective safety accessory connected at higher rack levels to avoid inventory, cartons or debris from dropping through the pallet rack system. It is like safety netting; it is the umbrella term for all net-based pallet rack. It is guarding method that is used to improve warehouse safety and damage prevention pains or efforts.

There are two guarding options or safety netting styles:

  1. One is Wire Mesh Containment Panels, which consist of wire mesh riding in frames; this is generally single or double bay width
  2. The other one is Poly/Nylon Safety Netting, which consists of polypropylene or nylon netting. This is typically connected transversely across a wide pallet rack span

The netting is connected to the rear, front, or top of the pallet rack to provide protection to pedestrian walkways, work areas and tunnels. It may be used to shelter pallet racks from infringing on the flue space between racking structures. This is generally in compliance with National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) rules or regulations.

The safety netting is usually customized or tailored to fit your needs, which are usually the system specifications. It is easy to connect to system beams and uprights. Safety netting is often connected or attached at systematic intervals of the upright. Then it is stretched or extended transversely across the rear of the rack bay to ensure that the pallet racks or inventories are in place.

Safety Netting – Vital parts when considering safety netting:

  • Pallet rack storage need to be above employee or forklift operator work areas
  • Pallet rack storage above or along the ways
  • Longitudinal or horizontal flue space between racks
  • Pick or select tunnels
  • As another option to wire decking use horizontal guards. In this case, fasten nets set below the pallet bay to get items that fall from the upper bay



Benefits of Having Install Your Netting:

  • Secures inventory or stock in pallet bay
  • Prevents or avoid worker injury
  • Allows full visibility of stock or inventory
  • Reduces costly or expensive facility clean ups
  • Brings down warehouse or facility down-time
  • Discourages inventory or stock theft