Warehouse Pallet Racks end of Rack Protectors

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PalletRacks.co thinks very highly of its pallet racks End of Rack Protectors business.  There are basically two types or styles of end of rack protectors. These types are the following:

  1. End of Aisle or End Protectors

The end-of-aisle or end rack protectors are a highly effective solution and an innovative way for increasing or augmenting storehouse or warehouse and distribution center safety. The prevention of damage to expensive rack and inventory is one of our priorities. The end of aisle protectors is offered as separate or individual right or left end of aisle rack protectors. These rack protectors are painted or colored as ‘safety yellow’ and may resist the punishment that forklift trucks may give out each day. When appropriately anchored to the floor, these end-of-rack or end of aisle protectors guard or protect your investment and do not affect aisle flow patterns. They protect you from costly or expensive facility cost, repairs and downtime.

  1. Upright Protectors

Guarding or protecting your racking with upright protectors permits or allows the protection of the areas that are most probable to be jerked or pushed. Much of the damage to pallet racking occurs or happens at the base or foundation of each column. This is most likely to be nibbled or bumped into by forklifts or machinery that is used in the area. Investing or buying pallet rack column protectors may, therefore, be a cost-effective, an excellent and an affordable way to give coverage for the most susceptible areas in your storehouse or storage facility